“The fulfillment of our True Nature is a matter of becoming, not just a matter of being.”


TRUTH has been compiled for the devout seekers who hunger and struggle to learn the true purpose of life and death by rising beyond their human subjective wisdom to a greater absolute wisdom. Seekers recognize they may never accomplish anything of high spiritual consequence unless they find the key to transcendence. By settling for a life guided by the human conscious mind and its ego, that inevitably leads to suffering and pain is unacceptable. Unveiled within Truth is the path and verifiable awakenings to attract the experiences and knowledge necessary to satisfy and end their hunger. read more

“An Awakened Being comes to the seekers aid as the result of the Law of Attraction brought to reality by a seekers powerful desire. Hidden within the seeker is all of the rejected, unadmitted, unrecognized, unwarranted fears, & undeveloped abilities, all of which will be cleansed.”

Author S.A. Stitz

S.A. Stitz was born and raised amid the steel and concrete of New York City. His constant hunger to learn and understand the root of his strange abilities not found in those that he came to know enticed him to explore outside “normal” resources. While traveling the world Stan sought out tribal chieftains, ascetics, and shamans gaining knowledge about the legends, myths, folklore, and especially mystical events handed down throughout the ages. read more

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